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Volunteers have unique view of poverty through church’s front door



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Volunteers serve up a flicker of hope, one meal at a time at a tiny church in the Druid Hills neighborhood.

Betty Alexander is an elder at Faith Liberation Community Christian Church, but she’s much more than that.

She’s also the point-person when it comes to fighting hunger.

Every Tuesday, volunteers there distribute hot lunches for the homeless. The lunches often consist of donated food from sources like Atrium Health and Feeding Charlotte.

“Basically, we’ve been doing it since 2008. Because when we came here in this area, it was a lot of people that needed food,” Alexander said.

She and volunteers Connie and Elizabeth loaded up more than 60 trays while we were there one Tuesday.

“So we’re good!” Alexander says, stacking trays on a shelf in the doorway.

She has a unique view of poverty and homelessness on the block.

“Where you been, girl?” Alexander asked a woman who walked up to the door.

“My mama got sick,” she replied.

That simple exchange reveals how just personal this cause is.

“How’s she doing?” Alexander continued.

“She’s doing alright,” the woman said.

“That’s good!” Alexander answered.

“That’s just me; that’s what I like doing. Just being there to help people,” she said later.

“It’s good, I appreciate it, and I thank God for it,” a homeless man named Steve told us after Alexander handed him a meal.

Another man, Bobby, wasn’t far behind. 

“Breakfast is amazing, dinner is amazing… they’re just a blessing!” he exclaimed.

Alexander helps people in many ways. She rallies the community to provide clothing and other items for people in need. Sometimes, she stays with the kids after school until their parents come home.

“Because when I was brought up where they say, we was in a village… and everybody looked after everybody else. And that’s the way I see the world, but I know the world is not like that now,” she told Queen City News.

When Alexander had a bout with COVID-19 in December of 2020, she realized ARE some people see the world like her.

During that time, Connie Grubbs and her husband Jeff stepped in and took over the meal distribution.

“I felt like there were so many people in Charlotte that were having to live without. Especially during the pandemic, it was important to me that they be fed,“ said Grubbs.

“It let me know that someone could continue doing what was already in place,” Alexander said.

The affirmation that she’s not in it alone only strengthened Betty’s resolve to feed people.

“Like Rooms-To-Go… I’m good to go!” Steve joked with his meal in hand.

Steve left us with a smile… but as he walked away, he also left a reminder that the need is constant.

“Hey there’s another one coming in a minute,” he said.

That stark reality is what keeps volunteers coming back. 

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