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Victims of extensive identity theft scheme in NC share warning to others



THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A Thomasville pair is connected to a male investigators say stole tens of thousands of dollars from folks throughout the Triad.

Joan and Don Davis normally spend their expenses on time. That is why they ended up stunned when Piedmont Pure Gasoline known as declaring their verify was late.

“I went down to the lender, I was ready to fuss at them and she pulled it up and she observed what had transpired, and in advance of I even received in my motor vehicle to depart she arrived running out the doorway and explained, Mrs. Davis, there’s four far more,” Joan stated.

5 checks had been produced out to unique important firms with an excess identify extra to the “Pay to the Order of” line, Eugene Croncke, the alias investigators say David Fields employed to rip-off folks throughout the Triad out of revenue.

“You don’t just shell out Piedmont Gasoline and Piedmont gives it to somebody and they endorse it to hard cash it, it’s just mad,” Don claimed.

Joan and Don feel they know how it took place.

On the working day Joan dropped the checks off, she says the box was full and the lid appeared like it was pried open up, just large enough for anyone to stick their arm in.

“It was just about inviting if any person would like to access in there and pull a little something out,” Joan reported.

They went to the Thomasville Law enforcement Department and submitted a report.

They obtained their dollars back again from the lender, but notify FOX8 they won’t be going to the post place of work in Thomasville anymore.

“It’s unhappy to me that we are living in these periods exactly where these drastic measures are currently being accomplished by people,” Joan mentioned. “We are victims and we failed to do anything, we just compensated our expenses.”

The Davis’ did pay out a late rate for those people stolen checks that in no way produced it.

They are urging everybody to believe 2 times in the upcoming just before you place a check in the mail.

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