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UNC Charlotte Esports team was nominated as one of the best in the nation



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – You don’t need quarters to play these games, just skill and a team.

“I came to college, and I found Esports,” says Alexis Dimond, community events director for Niner Esports. “It was amazing getting to meet people, and we have our Discord (a gamer social media platform). You send a message, and five people want to play with you.”

CMS set to kick-off inaugural E-Sports season on Wednesday

The University of North Carolina Charlotte Esports team started as a club ten years ago. That’s a lot of button-pushing and communication.

The hard work of Niner Esports is being recognized nationally by the Esports awards. The program is among the top programs in the nation.

“We’re the only non-varsity program that is nominated for this award,” Niner Esports president Jorge Sanchez said. “Out of the other nine schools, they have institutional support, they get funding, they get jerseys, they get everything funded for them.”

The group has grown to over 520 student members and 2,300 on Discord. Some teammates are helping to coach Cannon School (in Concord) in the recently-formed CMS Esports league. University officials are now discussing renovating a room in the student union building.

“We’re helping them in terms of coaching, and they’re providing facility space for us,” Sanchez said. “It’s kind of a mutually beneficial relationship we’re doing with them to try and get students more involved in the college aspect of it.”

The goal is to reach the varsity level. The unboxing of an invite is just the start. Charlotte players are heading to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks and hope to return with the win. 

“It’s not only going to be a great experience to meet people and connect,” said Diamond. “But it will also be bonding with executives and getting to spend time with them.”

You can vote for Niner Esports to win Collegiate Program of the year at the Esports awards site. 

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