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Triangle among most expensive fuel prices in NC; relief on the way, says expert



RALEIGH, N.C. News — As national gas prices have fluctuated over the past year, so have prices in North Carolina.

Prices in the state have remained below the national average. Still, it is more than what drivers are used to paying.

“I drive a food truck and I go different places and it’s really cramping our style because we can’t go as far unless we charge extra,” said one driver.

It’s not just gas prices, the cost of almost everything we buy is up. It’s a hit to the wallet at every turn.

“Food prices skyrocketed. I do chicken wings. Before the pandemic it was $19 a bag, sometimes it would run from $20 to $22 but after the pandemic, guess what? $38 a bag,” the driver said.

AAA reports the average price for gas in the state is $3.40, that’s 4 cents higher than a week ago but 10 cents cheaper than a month ago.

Patrick de Haan, petroleum expert with Gas Buddy, is optimistic about the weeks ahead.

“Prices will continue to fall through much of the autumn but that could change based on better than expected economic news,” said de Haan. “If things go well, prices may be a little bit lower as we approach Thanksgiving.”

Factors like severe weather, a decrease in oil supply, or global politics could change things.

“If something does come up, it’s not impossible that things could go up ahead of Thanksgiving,” de Haan said.

The price you pay at the pump often depends on where you live. According to AAA, below are the cheapest and most expensive places to pump in the state.

Cheapest places to pump:

  • Fayetteville: $3.35
  • Goldsboro: $3.35
  • Jacksonville: $3.35
  • Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton: $3.35
  • Winston-Salem: $3.36

Most expensive places to pump:

  • Asheville: $3.54
  • Durham-Chapel Hill: $3.44
  • Jacksonville: $3.42
  • Burlington: $3.40
  • Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill: $3.40

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