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Top 5 flavors from New Hyde IQ Disposable Vapes



Vaping has changed the way how people not only see light nicotine smoking but also how they consume it. The market is full of brands, and the brands are full of different flavors.

It works really well as every person has a unique taste and can get introduced to vaping through their favorite flavors. So, disposable vapes are the most convenient devices to get started with vaping. 

One can get a wide range of flavors in disposable pens, from strong menthol and tobacco to sweet fruity, and creamy flavors. However, as these are disposable, ensure to discard them safely after your e-juice flavor is exhausted.

So, here, we will be discussing the best 5 flavors from the new line of Hyde IQ disposable bar that you must try as soon as you can!

Top 5 flavors of New Hyde IQ Disposable Vapes 

The brand Hyde always comes with the most interesting and fun flavors. To decide on a few of the first ones to experiment with, the following is a list of the 5 best flavors from this new line of IQ vapes!

  1. Cranberry Lime Fizz

A single puff of this flavor will send you to an exotic holiday site for the summer. This flavor would be great for a vaping newbie who likes tangy and sweet flavors. 

It has the rich whiff of cranberries, which is sweet but slightly bitter. Added to that is the refreshing kick lime gives you. 

So, just like the cocktail, this will be a flavor to remember. Packed together in a fizzy combo, this Hyde flavor is a must-try.

2. Blue Razz Ice 

While fruity flavors are great, you should never limit yourself to them, as vaping offers a lot more to you. 

However, if you still wish to play it safe with an average leap, Blue razz ice is the one for you! 

Although it sounds pretty hardcore, it really is not. This e-juice flavor includes a shocking mix of menthol and creaminess, which gives you a pretty sweet puff. But it also maintains the coolness of ice, which improves your vaping experience even more. 

3. Peach Blueberry

If aesthetics are important to you, this flavors disposable vape from Hyde will immediately catch your eye. It has stylish hues of pink and metallic violet blended together in a lovely purple. And it complements the lovely flavor too! 

It will give you an almost candy-like sweetness that will leave a great aftertaste in your mouth for a long time. It is great for both new and old vapers and might become one of your favorite flavors ever.

4. Mystery Mix

Just as the name gives away, this flavor is mysterious. No one can really tell what all this flavor constitutes. 

It might taste fruity but not fruity enough to be peach or watermelon. It does have creaminess, but it is not exactly an ice cream flavor because of its controlled sweetness. 

So, you better find out yourself by trying out this flavor full of possibilities brought to you by HydeFlavors!

5. Jungle Juice

Last but not least, Jungle Juice is the flavor you have got to try! As wild as its name sounds, it is pretty accurate in terms of the ingredients of the juice. It is made up of orange, pineapple, strawberry, and menthol. 

Thus, one citrus, one tropical, and one berry fruit come together to give you a combination of great flavors with the coolness and freshness of menthol.


Although we have only mentioned 5 flavors here, you should move out of your comfort zone and experiment with multiple flavors offered by Hyde! Until you try them, you will not know what your taste really is like. 

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