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These Historic Photos Will Show You The Growth of Uptown Charlotte



Charlotte was originally founded in 1768 on the crossroads of two Native American crossroads, on the corner of Trade and Tryon, or Independence Square.

Since then, there have been three major periods of growth, the first was during Charlotte’s gold rush (1799-1849), the second was the building boom of the 1920s, and the third started in the late 80s and still continues today.

Here’s Uptown Charlotte this year:


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This was Uptown Charlotte last year:

Here’s Charlotte just 10 years ago in 2009;

Charlotte 2007

Charlotte in 2005;

charlotte 2005

Charlotte in 1995 – just before the Hearst Tower (1999) was built;

charlotte 1995

Uptown Charlotte in 1989;

charlotte 1989

Here’s what Uptown Charlotte looked like in 1985;

charlotte 1985

Uptown Charlotte in 1980;

charlotte 1980

Uptown Charlotte in 1970;

charlotte 1970

Uptown Charlotte in 1960;

charlotte 1960

Uptown Charlotte in 1950;

charlotte 1950

Uptown Charlotte in 1935 – the results of the building boom of the 1920s. You are looking toward the northwest. Along Tryon St., from top to bottom you can see the Independence Building (destroyed), First National Bank Building, Commercial National Bank Building (destroyed), Johnston Building, and the Wilder Building (destroyed).

uptown charlotte 1930s

Uptown Charlotte in the 20s

historic uptown charlotte3

Uptown Charlotte in 1905

charlotte 1905

Uptown Charlotte at the intersection of Trade and Tryon on Sept. 26th, 1780

trade and tryone uptown charlotte in 1780

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