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Surveillance video shows violent altercation in Lancaster County jail



LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Never right before found video from the Lancaster County Detention Centre exhibits what led up to chaos powering bars.

In the movie you see just one male, determined as Cedric Creighton pacing again and forth in front of a person cell as he seems to be conversing to someone. A further inmate discovered as Troy Moore exits his cell and the two seem to be arguing as other inmates watch.

After some time of arguing, Creighton stops, normally takes his socks off, walks back to Moore and hits him.

As the two wrestle, Raymond Bailey joins into the struggle. When on the floor, Moore took many blows to the head with fingers and ft. The two conquer him for far more than 25 seconds. But that was not it, Bailey arrives out just about two minutes after the combat, grabs a broom and hits him several moments. Moore failed to shift.

Times following, officers say anyone broke a window, poured cleaning soap and water on the flooring and threatened to hurt any officers who attempted to get into the cell. And at a single level, even a fireplace broke out.

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In accordance to a statement from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office environment, “The fire caused no structural destruction to the detention middle. Fireplace personnel checked the detention centre to make positive the hearth was totally out and the facility was secure.”

The assertion also states “Officers observed one particular of the inmates bleeding intensely and produced the choice to enter the cell block. It was identified the inmate slice himself intentionally probably with a piece of glass from the damaged window. He was treated by EMS personnel on scene and airlifted from the landing zone at the detention middle to a health-related facility for procedure. A deputy flew with the inmate. The inmate is predicted to get better.”

Creighton was billed with Assault and Battery by a Mob 3rd Diploma. Bailey is accused of encouraging the other inmates to disobey the officers’ commands. He was charged with Assault and Battery by a Mob 3rd Diploma, Inciting Prisoners to Riot, Arson 3rd Degree, Willful Damage to a Courthouse or Jail, and Carrying a Weapon by an Inmate.

Steven Darryl Lucas, Jr., age 28, shielded Bailey from the officers’ view as Bailey attempted to tie the cell block doorway shut with an write-up of apparel to prevent officers from coming into. He was charged with Taking part in a Riot by Prisoners.

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