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Study Recognizes Mecklenburg County Residents’ Generosity



According to a new study by SmartAsset, Mecklenburg County ranked among the places in North Carolina with the most generous residents.

The study measured how much money people donate as a percentage of their net income as well as the proportion of people in each county who make charitable donations. The counties that fared best in these metrics were the counties that ranked highest in the study.

For a look at how the top counties in North Carolina stack up, check out the table below:

Rank County, State Contributions as Percentage of Income Percentage of Returns Itemizing Charitable Contributions Charitable County Index
1 Chatham County, NC 1.79% 14.67% 45.00
2 Orange County, NC 2.15% 13.14% 43.54
3 Union County, NC 2.00% 13.14% 42.64
4 Mecklenburg County, NC 2.18% 12.13% 41.42
5 Wake County, NC 1.73% 12.75% 40.17
6 Durham County, NC 1.87% 10.88% 36.60
7 Polk County, NC 1.86% 9.35% 33.01
8 Watauga County, NC 2.23% 8.35% 32.86
9 Moore County, NC 1.56% 9.78% 32.21
10 Iredell County, NC 1.43% 9.77% 31.39


For more information on the study, including the methodology and infographic, check here.

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