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South Park residents dealing with water issue unrelated to water main break with no quick fix



CHARLOTTE Local Charlotte News — It’s been an eventful week for Charlotte Water, with a major water main break impacting much of the city center.

Now, in the South Park area, residents are dealing with another, unrelated water issue. The problem is at the intersection of South Hill View Drive and Sharon View Road, where a water box continues to leak.

The water is traveling down the road, forming a stream. The resident who reached out to FOX 46 says it’s been leaking for several weeks.

He tried to call 311 to report the problem, and was told it would be at least eight weeks before the issue is resolved.

“It’s been at least three weeks,” said Ari Goldstein, who lives in the area.

That’s three weeks of wasted water spewing onto Sharon View Road, forming a steady stream where it meets South Hill View Drive.

“Every morning, I walk my dog around this block,” said Goldstein. “And every day, we’ve seen this get a little bit worse. I called 311, they told me I’m the sixth call on this in the past few weeks— and they told me it’s not a priority.”

As the leak becomes more of a problem, his worry grows.

“My issue is that they should come out and be responsive,” Goldstein said. “And eight weeks is a super long time, with driving and safety. If it freezes, it will be ice. There’s a lot to be concerned about.”

There’s no telling how much water has been wasted so far.

“This is a continuous running faucet,” Goldstein said. “So it’s probably a gallon wasted every six, seven minutes.”

The question then becomes, who is paying for all the wasted water?

“It’s not clear to me,” Goldstein said. “It’s obviously going to come from taxpayers.”

FOX 46 reached out to Charlotte Water trying to get some answers. The department says it’s a problem they’re looking into.

“If we wait another six weeks, how many gallons is that?” said Goldstein. “That is a tremendous amount.”

After FOX 46 reached out to Charlotte Water, we did see someone come out to check out the leak. They told us the issue has now been referred to a private contractor. There’s no timeline on when it might be fixed.

FOX 46 still doesn’t know who will be financially responsible for all the wasted water.

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