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Some call message on balancing anti and pro-gender identity books in York County 'inflammatory'



YORK COUNTY, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Eleven new books will hit the shelves of York County libraries soon. These books, like “d=Doublethink: A Feminist Challenge to Transgenderism,” oppose the gender identity movement.

York County councilman Tom Audette is responsible for the initiative. He said constituents came to him with concerns about the balance of books in the libraries.

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“The key there is diversity of opinion. When we looked at it from a gender movement perspective there were probably roughly three dozen, maybe books in there, maybe four dozen estimated books that were in support of the movement but there were zero books in there that spoke of a negative impact of gender movement and I’m speaking on kids,” Councilman Audette explained.

Audette notified his constituents of the move through his monthly district newsletter; one that Katie Rutland said she’s been reading for months.

While she doesn’t mind the balance of opinion, parts of the newsletter upset her. 

“He didn’t actually offer any factual or germane information, it was not relevant to anything, and it felt like he was trying to stir the pot for no reason,” Rutland said. 

Rutland feels like the language was inflammatory and didn’t portray the views of the entire district.

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She said Audette didn’t offer the titles of the 54 books that he claimed to be damaging and also didn’t provide the titles of the 11 new books that offered the opposing opinion.

The Queen City News team received the list of books from Audette, one of them called “The End of Gender: Debunking the Myth about Sex Identity in our Society.”

“We looked at them, yeah, and then we also researched the books that we requested to have come in. And again, this allowed for those books, that way it was a balance in the library,” Audette said. 

“I have loved ones who do not fit his general profile of gender identity, those people matter to me, they matter and their lives matter, it’s not okay for him to throw around language that harms people,” Rutland said. 

As of now, only a few books are available for checkout at the York County Libraries. 

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