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Salisbury salon owner sees GoFundMe boost after her story gets global attention



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Queen City News was the first news outlet to speak with Angel Pittman in January after three school buses she bought were vandalized with racial slurs and broken windows.  

She was planning to use the buses, which were parked on a plot of land she purchased in Salisbury, to kick-start a mobile hairstyling business. Two of the buses would be used as mobile salons, and the other would be used as a tiny home. 

“My dream is most definitely not crushed. It was stumped on for a little bit, but I’m back up and I’m most definitely going to continue with my dream,” said Pittman. “I feel like there’s hope.” 

Since the incident in November 2022 and a subsequent interview with Pittman two months later, her story has gone international. In fact, once London’s The Guardian published Pittman’s story on Tuesday, her GoFundMe account raised roughly $50,000 in the span of just a few hours. She has now surpassed her $80,000 goal.  

“I was like, ‘Hold on! Woah!,’” laughed Pittman.  

Though the media push restored her dream, it still hasn’t been all easygoing. Two of the buses Pittman removed from the Salisbury lot have only been damaged further. 

“After I brought my buses from Salisbury to [Charlotte], I wasn’t able to find a place to put them,” she explained “So, I have just been parking them anywhere, and more damage has been done to them because of that. People were taking stuff off the buses that I guess they can use to sell.”  

On Monday, Pittman sent a tow company to remove the final school bus from Salisbury. After discovering new vandalism, Pittman says she now has to get rid of the that bus completely. 

“He said that it was horrible,” she said. “That the bus was full of feces and urine.”  

Pittman is now in the process of finding a new plot of land to park her buses in Charlotte, repairing two of the vandalized buses, and buying a new one altogether. She’s also still hoping law enforcement in Salisbury will press charges against the individual responsible for the vandalism. 

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