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Restaurateurs hope supply chain issues settle down by the holidays



Local Charlotte News — Lack of staffing across the nation is forcing many restaurants to raise prices, especially on chicken wings.

In a letter to customers, Mac’s Hospitality Group says you may not be able to get your favorite dish right now.

Supply chain issues and low staffing numbers are causing this restaurant and plenty others to make choices to save the bottom line and when you’re known for Carolina BBQ raising the prices is not a popular decision.

“We’re doing a few things,” said Shane Skipper, president of Mac’s Hospitality Group. “Part of it is raising prices with chicken wings and brisket. There’s a twofold issue there.

The issue is not enough workers, and the rising costs of beef and chicken. Chicken one of the hardest hit industries across the U.S.

Mac’s is also cutting 20% of the menu. Meaning that chicken sandwich you crave will have to wait.

Other restaurants are dealing with the same thing. At Lucky Lou’s Tavern the price for chicken wings increased to $24 for 12 wings, like Mac’s, and at the Pita Wheel in Gastonia, wings are listed at market price, like a seafood catch of the day.

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Skipper says it’s frustrating, “Everyone is in the same boat, they don’t have employees to get things to us, they don’t have employees to harvest the chickens, and produce the chickens so we can get chicken wings in time.”

A drought in the Midwest is causing a beef shortage, and even ordering restaurant equipment is tough. Suppliers saying it will take six months to get a brand-new fryer.

“It’s like a hurricane and it’s moving its way through every industry right now,” added Skipper

Shane Skipper believes things will improve around the holidays. He also thanks his employees for working hard and hopes customers will be kind because they are doing the best they can.

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