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Rep. Cawthorn could face penalties for overdue campaign finance reports



NORTH CAROLINA (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — NC Rep. Madison Cawthorn has been given a warning from the feds. It has to do, specifically, with his campaign finance reports, which are now more than a month late.

A Daily Beast report quoted people who were a part of the campaign, saying the campaign was burning through money and tapped into a General Election fund that he was not supposed to touch.

Some of this would have shown up in quarterly campaign finance reports, which were due in July.

But Cawthorn’s campaign hasn’t submitted anything yet that could confirm those details. Earlier this month, the Federal Election Commission sent a letter to Cawthorn’s campaign, telling the campaign that they would be fined or could be audited, or some sort of legal action could come if they didn’t release the information.

The information was sent directly to Cawthorn because he was the treasurer of his own campaign.

Western Carolina University Political Science Professor Chris Cooper put it simply on what it means for Cawthorn and his campaign.

“This would be akin to not filing your taxes and the IRS gives you a warning and says ‘Hey buddy, file em’ and you just ignore them and ghost them,” Cooper said.

Cawthorn has not commented on the series of stories that have come out about the campaign finance issues and he also has, so far, not said anything on the letter he got from the feds.

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