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Politicians on both sides react to Biden's low approval ratings



CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — As President Biden enters his second year in the Oval Office his approval ratings are at an all time low.

According to a national poll from Gallup, 6 in 10 American Adults think Biden is doing a bad job. Queen City News Chief Political Correspondent Emma Withrow spoke with both sides of the aisle to get their take on Biden’s performance throughout his first year.

The poll numbers show his approval ratings started to nose dive during the late summer/early fall, which is right when Biden pulled all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. Military analysts and Republicans have said the execution of the evacuation itself was poorly handled, and resulted in 13 U.S. service members dead, and hundreds of Americans left behind.

Jaime Harrison, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, said the President pulled off the biggest airlift in the history of the of the planet, but wouldn’t call the evacuation a success or a failure.

“Things were a little bumpy as we went into the Afghanistan, because, you know, this was a place that is marked with so many issues, historical issues that we’re dealing with. But we were able to get the folks out. And we were able to, to do that in a way that was efficient, that was effective,” Harrison said.

It’s important to note recent reports say at least 126 Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan.

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But depending on which side you’re on, the lens through which you view President Biden’s performance over the last year can be very different. Congressman Ralph Norman, who represents South Carolina’s 5th District, couldn’t think of one positive thing the Biden Administration had done.

“I think if you’re a rational, sane person, you would say no, this country’s worse off by far,” Norman said.

When asked about Biden’s failures Norman cited the record breaking levels of inflation, botched Afghanistan withdrawal, weak foreign policy, adding trillions of dollars to the U.S. deficit, and more.

“It’s not good enough for me just to criticize an administration, you know, what do you believe in? Republicans today, we believe in closing the border, we believe in legal immigration. We believe in using our own all natural gas. You know, we believe you don’t leave your troops behind anywhere. And we believe in peace through strength. And we will do that when we take back over,” Norman explained.

But Harrison argues Biden brought huge victories for the U.S. economy.

“Just think about it, the American Rescue Plan and bipartisan Infrastructure Bill were huge, unprecedented. I mean, just take a few provisions out of one of the bills, and that would have amounted to the big success story for any administration or any presidency,” Harrison said.

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