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Military takes football field for annual event



SPARTANBURG, S.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – As cliché as it sounds, an event like this puts everything into perspective.

“Anything we can do to give them a little fun, it’s great,” said Panthers GM Scott Fitterer, who swung by to watch a unique practice after Carolina concluded training camp Wednesday.

Fun was what it was all about in Wofford.

Fifty service men and women who routinely put their lives on the line left those responsibilities behind to watch the pros and play a little football.

“I took all the photographs, (and got) all the autographs. It’s cool to see what it’s like to be an NFL player,” said Cheyenne Mullins, a Spartanburg native serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Winning is what it’s all about in the NFL, which was also in the 12th annual Salute to Service Boot camp. Army, Air Force, National Guard, and Marines compete to be the best.

But there can only be one.

“I’ve seen individuals that did not do so well, put their head down, just putting their head down and said we’ll get them next year,” remarked retired combat engineer Buttler “Jimmy” Kendrick.

Among the favorite drills for those participating was the 40-yard dash, which this interpret reporter tried (and failed) to conquer.

Those serving in the military, however, were ready for anything.

“Whether you’re on the battlefield, or the football field, or the soccer field, you’re competing for that person for your left and to your right,” said Marine Sargent Geann Pereira.

Today was fantasy.

Tomorrow’s back to reality.

But you can be sure these moments will stay with them, no matter where their country needs them to be.

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