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Mecklenburg County judge accused of shoving delivery truck driver at courthouse



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A Mecklenburg County judge’s campaign for re-election might’ve just taken a turn for the worse. New Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office incident reports say Superior Court Judge Kimberly Best allegedly shoved a delivery truck driver in a parking lot dispute at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. 

The incident report says a woman was driving a delivery truck and trying to get into the courthouse garage on July 19. The report indicates it was taking a while, so Judge Best tried to go around the truck in her white Porsche SUV. Best allegedly scraped the side of her Porsche, got out of her car, and the altercation between her and the driver began.

The incident report also states when Gunter tried to take a photo of Best’s license plate, Best slapped the phone out of her hand. Best is running for superior court judge in Mecklenburg County.

Dr. Susan Roberts, a Political Science Professor at Davidson College says this type of incident won’t fair well for best’s campaign.

“I think this incident will make all the difference in the race that she’s running because you want to think that someone running for judicial appointment has a judicial temperament and some of the allegations of swatting someone’s phone out of their hand or pushing them back. It’s obvious that no one was going anywhere,” Roberts said. 

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 The incident report also says Best admitted to forcibly moving the woman back. 

Republican Representative Jeffrey McNeely thinks voters need to take a closer look at this incident when they’re making their decision on Election Day.

“I think the voters need to understand that this might be a repetitive behavior that needs to be made sure it’s not put in office,” McNeely said. 

McNeely said he believes the General Assembly does have the power to impeach Best, but it would take a group of local lawmakers to make the first steps into getting that process moving.

QCN reached out to Judge Kimberly Best’s campaign for comment but did not hear back. 

According to the report, the delivery doesn’t want to press charges. 

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