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Massive turbine hauled across Lincoln County to Duke Energy plant



LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – If you were along a circuitous stretch Tuesday between Highway 27 and Highway 73 in Lincoln County, you might have thought a parade was happening.

Multiple vehicles were going slow, and a sheer entourage of people and some sightseers stopped to look at the show.

But this was not any parade.

It was actually the long, slow haul of a massive turbine, so huge that it had to take a long way to reach its final destination, the Duke Energy Lincoln plant.

“Wow,” Tim Ridgway noted as the turbine passed his home. “I had no idea what a humongous load they’re carrying there.”

According to emergency officials, 20 feet tall and weighing around 500 tons, it took up most of whatever road it was on.

The sight has happened twice in recent memory.

A couple of weeks ago, an older turbine was removed from the Duke Energy site. Tuesday’s haul was the newer turbine for the site, which officials said should be in operation by late winter.

However, removing the old and replacing it with the new meant planning.

Emergency officials noted that the turbine is too tall in some spots, making it incapable of going under bridges and overpasses, and some power lines had to be pushed up by electrical crews to allow the turbine to pass.

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The weight of the turbine also presented an issue, and emergency officials would not allow it to pass over bridges or culverts.

Lincoln County Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Howell noted that this is lighter fare than planning for a hurricane but said, “the one thing about is that we want to stay safe and for people to stay safe.”

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