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Local non-profit looking to transform part of NC industrial area



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) – A local non-profit has big plans for NoDa.

The Friends of Queens Park organization wants to transform a primarily industrial area north of Uptown into a 37-acre park focusing on public art.

This will be transformative for the city if all goes according to plan.

The goal is the 37-acre space that would take up county, city, and private land to give Charlotte its own version of Central Park.

A portion of the park would be along East 36th Street and Cullman Avenue.

The county has already set aside land in that area to develop a 13-acre park, but the Friends of Queens Park is hoping to work with the county and city to go even bigger.

Queens Park would feature trails, green space, pickleball/basketball courts, a playground, a dog park, an amphitheater, and so much more.

The group’s Executive Director, Eric Spengler, said it would give not only local artists a place to shine on a grand scale but also be something Charlotte can be known for.

“You don’t really have a lot of places where you can take somebody from out of town and kind of show them, ‘Hey, this is Charlotte,'” Spengler said. “There are some places out there, to be sure, but we don’t have like a Millennium Park like Chicago does, where they have the reflective orb or places like that, where they are public gathering spots that are significance and importance to the city.”

The grand vision is in the early planning stage, and fully executing it would require a local railyard to sell off its property.

The county is expected to discuss funding for the approved 13-acre park during the next budget cycle.

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