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Junior Graphic Designer



Your Hiring Coaches is a Talent Optimization Advisory Firm that helps our clients find the best possible candidates by being a trusted advisor and close ally. We are native to Charlotte and are invested in the community which means we know people you should know and making connections is our superpower!

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs are not good with the creative side of their brain. That’s where our client comes in. They are an outsourced Creative Marketing department offering a variety of services for many small-mid-sized businesses in Charlotte, NC. You will always have variety in your day and will be assigned projects by the VP of Marketing, with the ability to work behind the scenes. You will get to work in your sweet spot and collaborate with a team of 4. We will bridge the gap between you and our client and make sure to help you put your best foot forward to score an interview!

This is not a client-facing role, and you can choose to work Part-time or Full-time. Schedule can be flexible; however, our client does want to spend time with you in person sometimes at their South Charlotte office. Most of the work is remote.

Does this sound like you?
You have a kick-ass design portfolio showcasing a range of web and branding pieces. You have a passion for clean, beautiful design, which means you also have an excellent grasp of color theory, design principles, typography, and visual hierarchy. User experience fuels everything you do, and you’re familiar with the process of creating sitemaps and wireframes as an essential step for building a website that serves to delight its target audience. You prefer to operate within established guidelines or processes. You are careful in your work and lean heavily on the systems in place. You are thoughtful and sincere in your communication style. You want to make an impact but enjoy hearing different perspectives and enjoy collaborating with the team to reach common ground and agreement. You have a matter-of-fact approach to shared decisions but are introspective and prefer to think through facts before you thoughtfully communicate. You are extremely precise — typos and grammar mistakes make you cringe.

You have expert knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and you cringe at the idea of destructive editing techniques. You work well under pressure and eat tight deadlines for breakfast (Coffee is also acceptable). In spite of your deep-seated hatred for all Microsoft products, you have a pretty good grasp of Microsoft Word and can still put aside your differences to make a beautiful PowerPoint presentation when needed. You respect yourself too much to use Comic Sans, Papyrus, Hobo, or Lobster II on anything you do. You’re able to find appropriate content and willing to learn HubSpot software to schedule posts to our company and client social media accounts, as well as monitor the success of those posts to increase brand awareness.

Let’s get to the point – position responsibilities:
• Work collaboratively with our creative, sales, and leadership teams to develop meaningful designs across multiple channels that drive brand awareness and validation through effective messaging
• Design for any medium: websites, social media graphics, emails, print materials, presentations, marketing collateral, etc. You name it, we’ll design it
• Create original brand design systems and also work within established ones
• Participate in team meetings to discuss creative and marketing tactics and strategies for internal and external purposes
• Prioritize and ensure projects are completed on time
• You take comfort in working with a supportive team who appreciates your loyalty
• You aren’t afraid to speak up when you feel strongly about your design and are unselfish with feedback

• Extended knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
• 1-2 years of experience in graphic design (can be project-based while in school)
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office
• BS or Associates Degree in Design (or pursuing a degree)

Brownie points
Experience in any of the following areas or programs are great but not a requirement:
• Creating Squarespace sites
• Figma Software
• HubSpot or other inbound marketing software
• Photography or Video Experience
• The ability to carry on an entire conversation using nothing but memes and giphys
• Good music suggestions

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