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Historic Kerr Mill water mill in Rowan County to be rebuilt



ROWAN COUNTY, NC Nearby Charlotte News — Immediately after yrs of battling, the Rowan County Commission has last but not least agreed to rebuild the historic Kerr Mill h2o wheel at Sloan Park.

The wheel, which sits in the serene 100-acre park, is a stark distinction to the pristine land all around it. Due to the degree of damage, it has endured, it’s develop into an eyesore and a threat for the county.

“The work in making an attempt to restore the water wheel began several years back. As you see driving me, the wheel has fallen into disrepair,” explained Rowan County Parks and Recreation Director Don Bringle.

The water wheel now at the park is essentially a 25-year-old replica of the authentic, which was crafted in the 1820s.

“Out of the content have on and tear, it’s just aspects that have produced the trouble,” said Bringle.

Rowan County Fee voted to formally deal with the wheel at their most the latest assembly, but now, it is past the issue of fix. It demands to be completely rebuilt and replaced.

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“We possibly wanted to replace it or we were likely to have to tear it down since of the legal responsibility to the county and to the park,” stated Bringle.

The new wheel will also be an specific reproduction of the unique. It’ll run water although the park is open and expense the county about $45,000.

“It getting just one of the 5 parks that we have, this is in the rural western element of the county. We have a ton of guests up right here. We’re hoping that it will attract more individuals,” mentioned Bringle.

The enterprise the county hired to do the rebuild is centered out of Gold Hill in Rowan County. Bringle claims it need to be entire within six to eight months, temperature permitting.

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