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Group starts position for Union County school board members to resign



UNION COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — The petition went stay on the net immediately after the Union County Board of Commissioners issued a vote of no confidence for the Union County Public Schools Board of Education.

The group, SOS Union County, suggests the petition is not political, they want to secure their youngsters.

The slow make began after the UCPS board voted to conclusion quarantine prerequisites for pupils and staff members not ill with COVID-19 and to end contact tracing.

“This is not a political situation it is a wellness problem,” explained petition organizer K. Lee Smith. “And we will need people on that board who are likely to pay attention to scientist and the North Carolina Section of Well being and Human companies.”

The selection of signers has been going up due to the fact the petition went are living on September 21, 2021. The request is to have BOE chairperson Melissa Merrell, Gary Sides, and Jimmy Bention Sr. stage down.

“This will not just impact the kids,” added Smith. “They get it household to their households, instructors, staff in the colleges are getting exposed. It all goes back again into the local community.”

The Union County commissioners voted 3-2 to not difficulty a vote of assurance. Merrell was at the assembly and the vote was soon after she knowledgeable the commissioners that the board reversed the conclusion and would carry on to adhere to the state rules.

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It genuinely will come down to if the petition holds any weight. Commissioners explained to the group they won’t be able to fireplace board members.

“I never know how critically they will take it,” claimed Smith. “I know that they should really get it incredibly critically for the reason that persons genuinely have lost self-confidence.”

The team SOS Union County suggests they are not likely away, and it really is just the commencing of their drive to put safe and sound steps again in university for their young children. We reached out to the 3 board associates but failed to acquire a response.

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