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Greenville's Elm Street Park gets ready for Little League Softball World Series



GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Hey, batter, batter!

Next week, Greenville is hosting The Little League Softball World Series for the second time, and it’s all hands on deck.

The North Carolina State Champion is the Pitt County Girls Softball League all-star squad. The 9-12-year-olds will also compete as the host region.

This year’s series will have 12 teams from across the United States, and beyond, competing Aug. 9-15 at Stallings Stadium at Elm Street Park. Admission is free, and all games will be broadcasted on multiple ESPN channels.

City of Greenville officials said Wednesday that in an effort to ensure the safety of participants and spectators, they will be closing Elm Street between 14th Street and 10th Street, beginning Tuesday through Aug. 15.

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With the Little League Softball World Series bringing in a lot of eyes and bodies to the area of Greenville, Director of Recreation and Parks Don Octigan and the Pitt County Girls Softball Little League coach Gentry Coward spoke Wednesday about the impact the series will have for the city.

The teams participating in this year’s World Series include

North Carolina Host Team: Pitt County Girls Softball League – North Carolina;

Southeast Region: Chesterfield Little League – Virginia;

Northwest Region: Issaquah Little League – Washington;

Southwest Region: Midway Little League – Texas;

West Region: La Verne Little League – California;

New England Region: Milford Little League – Connecticut;

Mid-Atlantic Region: Delmar Little League – Maryland;

Central Region: Daniel Boone Little League – Missouri;

Asia-Pacific Region: Negros Occidental Little League – Philippines;

Canada Region: St. Albert/YYC Softball Little Leagues – Canada;

Europe-Africa Region: Emilia Romagna Little League – Italy;

Latin America Region: Guayama Softball Little League – Puerto Rico.

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