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Getting Dental Implants in Mexico: Top Perks for You



Modern dentistry is developing very fast all around the world. Medical tourists have a vast choice of destinations where to fix their issues with teeth. One of the top medical routes is Mexico, which continues to keep the leading position in global dental tourism. You can find top dental clinics in Mexico and their service prices at Bookimed’s platform

Explore this article to see the main reasons that inspire medical tourists to choose this sunny country with a well-developed dental sector.

So, what motivates international patients to go to Mexico, and whether you would like to get the same experience?

Affordable prices

The price for dental implantation procedures in Mexico is 4 times lower compared to Canada, the USA, and Western European countries. You will pay approximately $600-$800 in Mexico. The price for the same treatment in American/Canadian dental centers is around $2,000-$3,000 for a single dental implant. 

Reputable dental clinics

If you’d like to achieve the best results in your dental treatment, choosing the right clinic is the top priority. On the Bookimed platform, you can find many licensed/accredited medical centers in Mexico. Such centers use safe and certified dental implants produced by the best world manufacturers, both local and international (Straumann, Envista, Dentsply Sirona, BioHorizons, Zimmer Biomet, Osstem Implant, etc.). 

By dealing with accredited Mexican centers, you protect yourself from having a negative experience with unprofessional and rude medical staff. When you book a clinic, it is crucial to check not only the prices but international certifications held by a clinic and the medical staff.

Top Mexican doctors

Mexican dentists use the latest technologies to install implants and take specialized courses to upgrade their professional skills on a regular basis. However, before you make the final choice of a doctor, it is desirable to learn more about a doctor’s experience, read reviews, and see before/after photos.

Perfect location and easy trip arrangement

Most Americans consider Mexico a perfect dental place. You just need a car to cross the border to reach the Mexican dental center. Alternatively, patients can purchase affordable plane tickets. Even with all travel expenses, getting implants in Mexico will cost you less compared to the USA or Canada. The Bookimed consultants can help you arrange the trip, so you should not worry about booking tickets, hotel stays, or visas at

Excellent Discounts and Special Deals in Mexican Clinics

If you still have certain doubts, we would like to remind you that most Mexican dental clinics can provide excellent discounts and special deals to attract as many international patients as possible. They are willing to offer discounts due to intense competition in the dental sector. In order to succeed, most clinics have to fight for their clients, especially foreign guests. It is also the explanation why the prices in Mexico are so low compared to other destinations.

How to Arrange Your Dental Implant Journey to Mexico Fast and Safely

If you want your dental implant tour to go smoothly and safely, request assistance from the Bookimed medical tourism platform. More than 3,000 patients get professional assistance on a monthly basis, and the number of requests continues to grow progressively. We encourage all interested patients to check what Bookimed can offer you free of charge:

  • An impressive choice of medical centers (900+)

The platform deals with reliable medical centers not only in Mexico but in more than 40 countries. You will get help and professional advice to choose the best center to solve your health or cosmetic issues.

  • Assistants’ support

You can send your request to Bookimed when you are searching for the best Mexican dentists or clinics. You’ll get several options to choose from, taking into consideration your budget and expectations. The team is experienced and well-informed, thanks to close cooperation with patients — Bookimed has served more than 1,000,000 people.

  • Complete medical and administrative guidance

Foreign patients never feel lonely or abandoned during the entire trip to Mexico or any other chosen destination. The Bookimed team of medical consultants is ready to answer 24/7 your phone call or online chat to ensure you receive a positive medical experience.

  • Free of charge service

Bookimed matches clinics and patients, arranges medical trips, and processes documents for free. You can be sure that the costs for treatment are equal to the official prices you can see on clinics’ websites. In some instances, clinics can offer unique discounts and special offers for clients.


Getting dental implants in Mexico offers a lot of benefits for patients. It is a safe and well-studied procedure performed by professional Mexican dentists. You will not find a better substitute for your natural teeth. Once a doctor places new implants, and the recovery process is finished, you will feel no difference between your natural or artificial teeth. You can forget about previous restrictions on eating and drinking; just enjoy your favorite products and your improved appearance. Thanks to Bookimed, you will quickly organize the procedure and get the smile of your dreams.

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