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Former Charlotte mayor reflects on time spent with Colin Powell in Washington, DC



CHARLOTTE, NC Local Charlotte News – Former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Newsx says he first met Colin Powell when he was in college.

Powell was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time. It wasn’t until later when Newsx went to Washington D.C. as the Secretary of Transportation that the two became good friends. Newsx says he considered Powell a mentor. He said Powell offered many people advice and wisdom, and was someone Newsx looked to for career advice.

Newsx says the four-star general saw himself in other people, and saw the raw potential to be a better version of ourselves. Newsx recalled the last conversation the two had.

“We were talking about what it’s like to be an African American in settings where there are few of us and his point to me was, ‘your responsibility is to be the very best you can be and if someone has a problem with how you look, it’s their problem not yours.”

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Newsx also said Powell was fascinated with cars. He said if he had a beat-up Volvo and some tools, he was as happy as he could be.

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