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Flying Dinosaurs Sightings Are On The Rise in North Carolina



North Carolina has extended been household to legends of Bigfoot, the Lake Norman Monster, and Lizardmen, but not too long ago, there&#8217s been a expanding perception of fashionable pterosaurs residing in North Carolina. Pterosaurs had been flying reptiles that a lot of scientists believe went extinct a extensive time back.

Cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb (creator of the guides &#8216Modern Pterosaurs&#8216, &#8216Exploring for Ropens and Locating God&#8216, and &#8216Conquer That Child in Chess&#8216) recently revealed an short article about the creatures, which include new pterodactyl sightings in North Carolina. He commented, &#8220my associates and I imagine that these are non-extinct pterosaurs, what quite a few folks would phone ‘pterodactyls’ or ‘flying dinosaurs.’”

Cynthia Lee, who has been studying to grow to be a veterinary technician, documented to Whitcomb an apparent pterosaur that she saw on Thursday, January 4, in Raleigh. She was guaranteed that the flying creature experienced no feathers, but it did have a extensive tail with a “diamond shaped bulb at the end of the tail.” It also had a head crest.

She also noticed the creature very last week following Wednesday’s snow. Lee was using an Uber journey to perform when she noticed the exact same crested creature out the window. The driver did not see it.

Her the latest sightings in Raleigh weren&#8217t the very first occasions a person in Cynthia’s loved ones experienced noticed an apparent pterosaur. She told Whitcomb about a sighting numerous years previously: “My mom and uncle saw a single also although they had been playing outdoors of my grandma&#8217s residence when they had been truly minor. They explained to grandma but she didn&#8217t believe it. I considered they were being extinct . . .” Because she has noticed for herself, nevertheless, Cynthia no for a longer time thinks that they are all extinct.

Whitcomb also wrote an extensive posting on, which features various added NC sightings

  • In Charlotte, N.C., a person and his cousin noticed something bringing to his brain the term “dragon.” The person explained “It appeared like what I experienced witnessed in a Jurassic Park movie.”
  • In Asheville, N.C., a lady noticed a “huge” black winged creature fly pretty low about her automobile. It had no feathers but “sharp edges” to its options.
  • In Jacksonville, N.C., an eyewitness noticed one thing “huge” flying in the sky: “It appeared like a pale greenish white and easy-skinned. It did not seem to have any feathers, and it had the tail with the diamond condition on the end.”

North Carolina is regarded by many cryptozoologists to be one of The us&#8217s 7 pterosaur &#8216sizzling place&#8217 states

Matt Cartmill, professor emeritus of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, claimed that it&#8217s not not possible for there to be residing pterosaurs these days, but it is highly not likely.

“I can not consider that if there were living pterosaurs in North The us, a few generations of naturalists, explorers, farmers, hunters, trappers and biologists would never ever have run across a one specimen, living or useless,” Cartmill advised Raleigh&#8217s News and Observer. “I’d rank it as currently being a little bit additional probable than residing unicorns in Raleigh and Durham. But only slightly.”

Do you feel we have residing pterosaurs in North Carolina?

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