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FBI looking at new phone purchased by Brian Laundrie, reviewing surveillance video from campground



NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) — The lawyer for the Laundrie relatives, Steven Bertolino, claims a cell phone was ordered on Sept. 4 and Brian Laundrie opened an account with AT&T for that cell phone

Bertolino says Laundrie still left that telephone at house the day he went for a hike in the Carlton Reserve 10 days later on. The FBI now has the phone.

When questioned if Laundrie experienced a cellphone though traveling out west with Gabby Petito, Bertolino told WFLA he did not know.

According to public records, Brian Laundrie’s mom checked into a campground at Fort De Soto Park on Sept. 6. The record of registered campers displays Roberta Laundrie checked into “Site 001-Waterfront” in between Sept. 6 and Sept. 8.

A spokeswoman with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Workplace says they gave surveillance movie from the campground to the FBI Tuesday.

The FBI is continue to searching the Carlton Reserve with look for groups are focusing on regions of h2o.

Not much from that spot, a memorial for Gabby Petito is growing. Persons from all above the state and place and coming by to pay back their respects.

“We have to keep the momentum heading since finally, he’s likely to be uncovered,” Ashley Sindaco stated. “It just displays what effects someone that no person has satisfied has remaining on this society and as America as a total.”

A tiny memorial is also increasing at the Laundrie’s household for Petito. A few of protestors also returned Wednesday.

“It truly is a great reminder to the family that they ought to occur forward and say a little something,” Sindaco explained.

The FBI has not produced the surveillance video from Fort De Soto. A spokeswoman says they’re not addressing specific concerns about the investigation.

A spokeswoman with FBI Denver Division also sent this assertion:

Since this is an ongoing federal investigation, we can’t deal with certain concerns about the investigation, nor can we offer any comment other than what is posted in our official statements on our Twitter feed (@FBIDenver).

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