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FBI Charlotte Field Office opens investigation into death of Shanquella Robinson in Cabo



CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The FBI Charlotte Field Office confirms to Queen City News it has opened up an investigation into the death of Charlotte resident, Shanquella Robinson.

Robinson died on or about Oct. 29, 2022, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the FBI said.

MYSTERY IN MEXICO: Continuing coverage by QCN

A police officer investigating the case in Mexico told QCN on Thursday that Robinson’s friends told authorities ‘she had alcohol poisoning’ before her untimely death.

It’s the same story her family said they told them.

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning,” Salamondra Robinson told Queen City News earlier this month.

It wasn’t until her autopsy that Mexican police discovered she had a severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation, which is instability in the uppermost vertebrae.

Police also didn’t see a now-viral video showing Robinson getting violently assaulted until Wednesday this week.

For that reason, their investigation is still open in Mexico, and they’re looking into her death.

“There’s a huge financial incentive to keep Cabo open and to keep people feeling safe,” said Kurt Kerns, an international attorney with experience litigating international crimes and investigations. “So, to the extent they can find, prosecute and incarcerate the people that did this, in my opinion, they’re going to try to do it.”

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The police officer investigating the case told Queen City News on Thursday if they find evidence that leads to an arrest, they have the authority to bring the group back to Mexico, and “they will have to answer to Mexican Law.”

“Upon invitation, the FBI can come in and assist,” Kerns said. “Upon invitation, the State Department can get more and more involved, but it’s only upon invitation.”

The police officer told QCN they were in contact with the FBI and consulate and urged anyone with information about this case to contact the local FBI office.

“Due to the ongoing investigation, we have no further comment,” the FBI Charlotte Field Office stated on Friday.

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