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Fake Instagram accounts, misinformation cloud Shanquella investigation



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A lot has changed since we first spoke with Sallamondra Robinson. The media coverage has spread her daughter’s fatal Mexico story worldwide.

“You all have done a wonderful job and have gotten it all over, you know, everyone knows about it,” Sallamondra Robinson said. “I have people from Africa, everywhere, telling me about it.”

MYSTERY IN MEXICO: Continuing coverage by QCN

As mom and authorities search for answers in Shanquella Robinson’s death in San Jose del Cabo, the Charlotte mom has gone from feeling ignored to feeling validated.

However, there’s another downside to Shanquella’s fatal story. As information emerges, separating fact from fiction has proven difficult.

Fake Instagram accounts have emerged.

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Some pretend to be Robinson’s Mexico trip friends and even Shanquella herself. Another phony account purports to be Sallamondra, and that person claims things she knows nothing about.

“(It’s) not me,” Robinson said. “I haven’t put anything on Instagram in, probably, five weeks,” she said. “I didn’t share that. That’s not my Instagram.”

Sallamondra says she’s still trying to piece things together. She knows the police report and death certificate give conflicting information about Robinson’s cause of death, time of death, and the fact that she was with a doctor for three hours at the villa before she died.

“I just think Mexico didn’t care,” she said. “They just didn’t care, and they just wrote down what they told them. All of them had plotted this, in my belief, and they just said it was alcohol poisoning, and when the police came in to investigate, they could have looked at her and seen that she had been jumped on.”

Robinson expressed displeasure with the doctor, saying she didn’t do enough to save her daughter and didn’t recognize her injuries.

“I don’t understand why not. She had a knot on her head, lip was busted, even the guy said she had a bloodshot eye,” Robinson said. “The doctor didn’t do their job either.”

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Robinson is now pleading with the public and Shanquella’s trip friends to share any remaining video and information that could bring out the truth.

“I want everything to come out because I want the truth,” she said. “I want to know what happened to my child, and I want justice done, so I want all the videos to be released, everything out there, release it!”

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