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Exclusive video shows investigators bust stolen goods operation at Harrisburg home



HARRISBURG, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Deputies raided a Harrisburg home Friday busting up a massive stolen products operation, which the sheriff suggests could total in excessive of $250,000 well worth of merchandise.

FOX 46 broke the tale and captured unique video of investigators loading up U-Haul vans whole of products on Valhalla Push in the Valhalla neighborhood.

Investigators arrested four persons and they be expecting more fees and much more arrests. The sheriff suggests they even arrested another person on the place for offering stolen goods listed here.

It appears to be a lot like moving working day

“You name it, it is in that household,” reported Cabarrus County Sheriff Van Shaw.

Deputies say people today have been relocating stolen goods at the property.

“Everyday, every single other working day, often vehicles would come and back again in just a tiny weird,” reported Mitchell Boyd, a neighbor.

Looking back, Boyd thinks it was odd.

“A small about when we very first saw all of the police. We were being worried that probably it was a drug raid,” mentioned Boyd.

But it would switch out to be a thing way various.

“We know that a large amount of individuals are coming to the residence and searching and it was established up a great deal like a shop within,” explained Shaw.

It was a little bit extra than a pop-up shop. Fox 46 capturing unique video clip of investigators hauling out tiki torches and carts of laundry detergent.

“This is the most important stolen property procedure I have noticed in Cabarrus County,” mentioned Shaw.

The sheriff states people today ran the procedure out of this dwelling in Harrisburg.

“Really we’re chatting about almost everything from important producer resources, like DEWALT, all the way down to bags of puppy food stuff, baby system,” said Shaw.

Large retailers like Goal, Household Depot and Lowe’s are all associated in this investigation.

The sheriff suggests some of the stolen things were marketed on the internet at areas like Amazon and eBay.

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“I would hardly ever have imagined, it is tricky to imagine you could match that significantly products in that residence,” explained Boyd.

He’s glad to see the procedure is long gone.

“Relieved, just for the reason that a quiet community. We really do not want that variety of enterprise likely on listed here,” reported Boyd.

Investigators say they stuffed up 3 U-Hauls well worth of stolen goods. They are getting these back to the sheriff’s workplace and carrying out stock to get a remaining rely of just how a lot all of the things are well worth and which large stores are the victims.

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