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East Charlotte restaurant has smashed windows, covered in hot sauce



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — La Shish Kabob, a restaurant in east Charlotte, was vandalized Thursday morning, and the destruction was caught on camera. 

Multiple windows were smashed out, but the owner is not broken by the attack on his restaurant on North Sharon Amity Road. 

Before most of the workers arrived, a vandal was at work, tossing what the owner believes was a jar of hot sauce on the outside of La Shish Kabob. 

But the vandal’s work wasn’t done, the video shows. 

He picked up a shovel and smashed multiple windows, shattering what was a secure place. 

“Our life here, my whole family 15 years here, it’s quiet and safe,” said Izzat Freitekh, the restaurant’s owner. 

He says he doesn’t know why someone tried to destroy his place. 

“We are in peace; we live in peace.” 

His workers did not let the damage keep them from doing their job. Crews repaired the restaurant and fixed the broken pieces. 

“They work non-stop, nothing stops them,” said Freitekh. 

Police say they arrested Armando Garcia Nava for the vandalism. 

Despite the smashed windows and sauce-covered wall, the vandal did not shatter their resolve. 

“They broke the glass, but they didn’t break anything inside us,” Freitekh said. 

Police say the vandalism was not Garcia Nava’s only stop Thursday that caused havok. 

After the incident at La Shish Kabob, detectives say the suspect went to a house and smashed out a car window. 

If the restaurant owner’s name looks familiar, Izzat Freitekh and his son, Tarik, were convicted of fraudulently taking more than $1.7 million in PPP money during the COVID pandemic. 

Izzat Freitekh told Queen City News Thursday that he is currently on probation for those crimes, and his son is in prison. 

Freitekh does not believe the vandalism Thursday had anything to do with retaliation for the PPP fraud. 

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