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'Disrespectful, hateful, inciteful.' Threat made against the Islamic Center of Charlotte



CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — An apparent threat against the Islamic Center of Charlotte has resulted in the organization filing a report with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

The phone call, which was with a staff member, and was partially recorded and shared with Queen City News, is filled with cursing and anti-Islam statements, along with some anti-Arab statements.

“I’ll blow you worse than 9/11,” the caller or callers said in one instance. 

“Is that one of your little goats you have there?” the caller or caller said later in the call, before launching into a graphic description.

“Unfortunately, our center is public,” said Jibril Hough, who is a spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Charlotte.  “People find us from time to time and do something like this.”

Some of the statements in the call have been taken as a threat and resulted in a report being filed with CMPD.  While some of the conversation in the recording shared with Queen City News is muffled, police said the call did contain depictions of how the family of the person who answered the call would be harmed.

“(It’s) disrespectful, hateful, inciteful,” said Hough.

Queen City News reached out to a number of other Muslim organizations in Charlotte, who told us they generally do not have issues similar to the one experienced by the Islamic Center of Charlotte.

One organization noted that they do receive messages from people wanting to debate or belittle Islam, but threats are rare.

The center said they received another phone call Wednesday from the same number who called them Tuesday to make the apparent threats, but they did not answer it.

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