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Discount décor chain closing down Charlotte location



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Popular discount décor chain Old Time Pottery is closing its east Charlotte location by the end of the year. 

The big-box store, located off Independence Boulevard, sells just about everything from furniture, to plants and rugs. There are dozens of locations across the southern U.S. and Midwest.

“Oh, I like these,” one customer said while entering the store Friday. 

There is no doubt, Old Time Pottery customers have options. 

“Pottery, dishes, and plants — and you know, all of the things that you use to decorate,” longtime customer Carol Longmire said. 

Friday, merchandise lined shelves under dim lighting and dozens of discount signs. 

“I paid $100-and-something for this before and they were $30 today,” customer Gilda Speaks said. “So, it was a good deal,” 

Speaks’ discounted covers aren’t coming without a price. The store-wide sale is signaling that time is running short for the discount store. 

Monday, Old Time Pottery posted on its Facebook page that is it closing. Many customers who were shopping Friday say they learned the news after driving by the store and seeing a massive “store closing” sign. 

“It’s a beautiful store, and it’s sad,” Speaks said. “It’s a shame.” 

According to county records, in July, the 13.6-acre property sold for around $8.3 million. 

Queen City News spoke to the property’s new owners over the phone, who also own Vista Auction. 

The locally family-owned auction company said they buy big-box store returns and auctions them online for a much cheaper price. A co-owner told Queen City News they plan to turn the property into a pick-up center. 

Once Old Time Pottery closes locally, the chain’s closest location to Charlotte will be in Greenville, South Carolina. 

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