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CMS Athletic Director responds to fights at football games



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – “This behavior will not be allowed.”

That’s the message from Charlotte-Mecklenburg School leaders about inappropriate and aggressive behavior at athletic events. Their stern warning extends beyond students to parents who participate in fights.

“I don’t think it’s all just CMS. I think we all share the responsibility,” said Ericia Turner, CMS Athletics Executive Director.

Turner is defending the district’s security at athletic events. It comes after several fights at Friday night high school football games. The most recent one was September 22nd at Harding University High School.

Harding’s principal called it “An embarrassment to our community.”

“People have been disciplined. I’m not quite sure to what extent,” Turner said. “I know some people were arrested in those incidents and have been charged.”

It’s not the first time someone’s faced charges following a fight on or off a CMS field. Last year, a minor and 19-year-old man faced charges after a brawl at Olympic High School.

The fight started at the bottom of the bleachers and spilled out onto the track during the game.

CMS administrators issued a statement after the most recent fight. It’s a warning, saying anyone who participates in fights or threatening behavior may face consequences, including arrest.

Turner wants families to know CMS athletic events are safe, but she says if the fighting continues, the football teams might be playing in front of much quieter crowds.

“We may have to reduce the number of ticket sales at some games, depending on the games that are being played,” she said. “We may have to remove people from the stadium, but we have an action plan in place to make that happen.”

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Turner says while there were two incidents last week, there were eight other games going on in the district that did not have any disruptions. She offered praise to fans who act appropriately.

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