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Charlotte city councilmembers discuss maps of expected development



CHARLOTTE Local Charlotte Information — It was a extended night time for Charlotte city councilmembers with an just about 5 hour assembly. Metropolis team gave shows on the city’s 2040 Extensive Program Policy Maps, and the initially draft of the Unified Advancement Ordinance. Both presentations prompted a lot of inquiries from the Council.

The maps of predicted enhancement in Charlotte, owing to the 2040 Comp Strategy, had been launched and explained. They confirmed massive variations coming to the Queen Town. Some on the Council welcome the alter, but other individuals have worries about the impression it will have on affordability.

“We have to figure out that some of the things we’re talking about doing will have the influence of creating the housing to go up or have the result of leading to much more pricey housing to be produced to accommodate progress and will not always be responsive to our crucial precedence of bringing housing prices down or earning additional economical housing out there,” stated Councilman Ed Driggs.

Councilman Bokhari agreed.

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“What was truly stated to me in the shut session meeting was, this does nothing for affordability. It truly is actually more about capacity about variety of units, I nonetheless firmly consider it will have a net unfavorable influence on affordability,” Bokhari stated.

Town employees also gave a presentation on their initially draft of the Unified Improvement Ordinance. The 600 webpage UDO will dictate what will get crafted in Charlotte and where by builders can develop it, in excess of the next 20 a long time.

Councilman Larken Egleston reported it will be a extensive method until the UDO receives voted on. He expects it will get about 3 much more drafts and if every little thing goes to system, will come to a vote in July of 2022.

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