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Charlotte City Council to vote on upgrades to dangerous east Charlotte intersection



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – On Monday, Charlotte City Council will vote on safety upgrades to a dangerous East Charlotte intersection.

An NCDOT study found several serious crashes have happened at the Albemarle Rd. and Reddman Rd. intersection. A city database shows 16 fatalities or serious injuries at the intersection between 2016 and 2020.

To alleviate some of the safety concerns, NCDOT recommended building a concrete median in between the directions of travel on Albemarle Rd. in front of the Wells Fargo and Exxon gas station.

Jacob Chol is an assistant manager at the Xpress Mart next to the Exxon. He says he’s seen his fair share of crashes there.

“Most of the accidents I’ve been watching happen in this intersection. Even last night, there was a wreck over there in the middle,” he said. “When I hear something, ‘boom,’ I say, ‘oh, nobody died. God is good.’”

One of the more dangerous problems at the intersection is when people try to make a left turn out of the gas station or Wells Fargo. To do this, drivers need to cut across up to four lanes of high-speed traffic.

“I have seen at least an accident a week. Sometimes, you might see an accident every two days,” said Carla Harris, who lives nearby and drives the stretch of road every day.

Those who use this intersection daily may have even experienced or witnessed the problem firsthand.

“One time, me and my husband were actually in AAA to get our car repaired, and someone flying came out here and hit the car right in front of us,” said Harris.

If approved, the median would prevent anyone from making a left turn out of the Exxon and Wells Fargo. Harris and Chol say they are both on board with the idea, even it means a period of construction.

“Life is [more] important than business,” said Chol.

The city says NCDOT would fully fund the project and if it is approved, the design phase would start as soon as the fiscal year 2022.

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