Charlotte City Council discusses plan to bring Picasso exhibit to Mint Museum



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The Charlotte City Council met for a strategy session Monday night. The packed agenda ranged from updates on the future Picasso art exhibit at the Mint Museum to the Strategic Mobility Plan draft and more. 

The City is teaming up with Mecklenburg County to chip in a combined $500,000 dollars to bring 45 Pablo Picasso landscape paintings to the Mint Museum. The exhibit will be free for school tours and CMS teachers, and only 10-15 dollars for adults. It will be open from February 11th to May 21st of 2023. 

“There are only three cities that will host this exhibition Charlotte, Cincinnati and Denver. Charlotte is the opening venue and the only East Coast venue. So that’s important in two different ways. One is: as the only East Coast venue, we’re looking to attract visitor-ship from sort of up and down the eastern seaboard, but also a little bit inland because you’re not until you get to Cincinnati will anyone be able to see this same exhibition,” Todd Herman, CEO of the Mint Museum said. 

Council members spent the majority of the meeting discussing the Strategic Mobility Plan draft that was recently released to the public. The draft attempts to create a new normal for transportation in Charlotte, with a heavy focus on public transit, biking and walking. But council members had tons of questions and concerns about how the plan would actually work. 

The public hearing for the SMP is next week at the Charlotte City Council meeting. The council is slated to vote on the plan on June 27th.

The council also got an update on the possibility of social districts sprouting up in Charlotte. These would make it legal for people to drink alcohol in designated outdoor spaces around town. 

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