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Charlotte-based tech startup takes grocery shopping online, gains national attention



CHARLOTTE, N.C. Local Charlotte News – A Charlotte-based tech startup is making it a little easier to go grocery shopping by populating a virtual grocery cart before you even get to the store.

The company behind the technology is getting national attention thanks to an appearance on reality TV.

It’s called Grocery Shopii and it was developed by a working mom. The technology promises to get you five days’ worth of meals and recipes, with all the groceries included, into a shopping cart within five minutes.

Inside the Old Davidson Cotton Mill is where the new grocery shopping experience is headquartered. It’s quickly growing across the country, all with a small working staff of 16 employees.

“We like being nimble, we like being small,” said Founder, Katie Hotze.

Grocery Shopii partners with grocery stores that offer online shopping and the technology is integrated into the grocery store website.

“And you just select what you want to make for the week. We auto-populate your cart and it gets you to and through the meal planning and online grocery shopping in 5 minutes flat,” said Hotze.

Then it’s up to the customers to get the groceries or have them delivered. The technology is already in the Midwest, but expansion elsewhere could happen fast.

The company is receiving a lot of national attention after an appearance on the show, “Unicorn Hunters”.

“It was amazing. It was definitely the most wild experience of my career,” said Hotze.

The show features a group of big-name business leaders, like Steve Wozniak from Apple, who help spotlight companies they believe could reach a billion-dollar evaluation.

Hotze says she used the experience as a marketing tool.

“We did it to make sure every busy person in North America makes sure they know we exist and go to their local grocery and say, I want that,” said Hotze.

The show is now streaming online, click here to watch it.

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