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Black Friday 2021 deals already? These retailers say yes



(WJW) — While Christmas is still more than two months away, retailers across the country want you to start thinking about the holiday season, and more specifically Black Friday.

This week, big box stores announced their deals for the unofficial holiday that arrives right after Thanksgiving.

Some retailers are even offering price cuts now, reportedly to offset remaining COVID-19 pandemic issues. Of course, with supply chain woes and potential postal service backups on the horizon, experts are saying an “earlier-is-better” mentality is recommended this year.

Here’s a look at some of the top Black Friday deals:


Amazon began offering Black Friday-worthy deals in early October, including on AirPods, TVs and blenders. New “epic” deals are reportedly dropping daily. Find out more about the discounts here.

Best Buy

The kick-off for Best Buy’s deals begin Tuesday and include markdowns on TVs, headphones and Chromebooks. During the week of Thanksgiving, Best Buy will start another round of deals that will last all week instead of one day. Find out more about their Black Friday deals here.

Stores will be closed nationwide on Thanksgiving.


Starting Wednesday, the Black Friday deals (including on luggage and clothing) are coming out at Kohl’s. The store’s coupons, known as Kohl’s Cash, are going to be offered in $5 increments to those spending $25 from Oct. 20-24. The store will be closed on Thanksgiving but will be open on Black Friday. Find out more on these deals here.


Target offered Deal Days earlier this month, and more may be on the horizon. In the meantime, the store is offering a price match guarantee on anything purchased at Target between Oct. 10 and Dec. 24. Some exclusions do apply. Target is another store staying closed Thanksgiving Day with plans to be open on Nov 26, Black Friday. Stay up-to-date on Target’s offers right here.


Reportedly in an effort to keep people safer this year, Walmart is rolling out different deals now through the week of Black Friday. Starting this week, people can find deals on Legos, air fryers and TVs. Other deals are being offered on Nov. 3, Nov. 10 and a soon-to-be-announced date. The deals apply to online and in-store shopping. Walmart stores will be closed this Thanksgiving for the second time since the late 1980s because of the coronavirus pandemic. Find out more about the company’s upcoming deals here.

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