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Beware foes: Davidson's swim team brings the speedos as an advantage



DAVIDSON, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A few Davidson Men’s swim team members came out to support the men’s basketball team against Virginia Commonwealth University — in speedos.

“The day before we planned it out, we set out a uniform, so we all had these team joggers that we wore,” freshman Liam McDonough said. “We got out of practice at 6. And those front-row seats fill up quickly because the game starts at 7.”

What came next was quite spontaneous. Sort of.

“So we jumped out of the pool,” McDonough said. “We dried off super fast, we changed in the locker room, we threw some paint on our chest, and we threw some dry speedos on, and we ran up.”

Things started to click after intermission. The team began to gel and get into their opponents’ heads.

“Second half comes around. First free shot, which took a while to get to, but the first free throw shots… we went into action, and the rest is history,” said freshman Frank Howden.

They used it as a distraction tactic against players at the free-throw line with a fair bit of success.

“Everyone knew it was going to happen,” Ryan Shute said. “Everyone on the courtside too freaked out. It was a very positive reaction for the most part.”

Now, those moves have been seen over 60,000 times on social media.

“They did it like six years ago during the time when the NBA All-Star game was in Charlotte. And Steph Curry came and joined them like got into the speedo group, and they were on Cloud Nine. So, it’s been a tradition ever since,” Howden said.

Howden said it was one of the stories used to recruit him.

Fletcher Smith, one of the swimmers and a part of the line, said the dance took some preparation.

“All the freshman do, like, almost a performance in October where we did a similar dance for like the whole school. So we’ve kind of just taken that dance that we do in October and just brought it into the basketball game,” Smith said.

James Gourlay admitted to some jitters about being out there.

“I was really scared. But the crowd really encouraged us and hyped us up so it was fun!” Gourlay said.

You’ll normally find them in the pool, though, preparing for the Atlantic 10 Conference Championships in two weeks.

They used Tuesday’s game as a small distraction and relief from the hard work they’ve put in all year.

“We try to do things like that once every two weeks or so, just to help calm our nerves leading into the culmination of our season,” Howden said. “We usually just try to do it once a season, and we’re going to try to make it a tradition to do it against VCU.”

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