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Bear attacks couple, unleashed dog near Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, temporary closures in place



ASHEVILLE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A few was handled for injuries and released from the healthcare facility after a bear assault in the parking region of the Folk Artwork Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, officials announced.

The couple was having a picnic on a grassy hill in the vicinity of the Folk Artwork Centre, when they had been alerted to a bear by their puppy. The unleashed doggy ran in direction of the bear though barking loudly.

Probable aggravated by the pet, the bear acted defensively toward the doggy and the few, officers mentioned.

“About the upcoming several minutes, there ended up repeated assaults by the bear whilst the pair retreated with their puppy to the safety of their auto. The few drove to Mission Hospital in which they were both equally handled for their accidents and unveiled,” officials claimed in a assertion on Friday.

Due to the daring and aggressive character of this attack, short-term closures are in place on all trails in the area and out of doors food stuff is presently prohibited.

Closures and limitations contain:

  • The Mountains to Sea Path from the intersection with the Visitor Centre Loop Trail in the vicinity of parkway milepost 384 to Riceville Rd. Bridge at milepost 382
  • The Folks Artwork Heart Nature Loop Trail and all trails accessed off of Bull Mountain Road
  • Picnicking is prohibited concerning the Asheville Visitor Heart and adjacent parking locations around parkway milepost 384 to the Haw Creek Overlook close to milepost 380

For the duration of the active drop visitation time on the Parkway, website visitors are reminded that the fall is also a crucial feeding time period for bears right before they enter wintertime hibernation.

Park site visitors are reminded to acquire important safety measures and be BearWise though in bear place, such as appropriately following food stuff storage laws, holding pets leashed and remaining at a safe viewing length from bears. If attacked by a black bear, rangers strongly advise fighting back again with any item available and try to remember that bears might check out you and your pets as prey.

However exceptional, attacks on individuals do happen, and can bring about accidents or loss of life, park officials explained.

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