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Bare Minimum: 'Quiet Quitting' is the latest jobs phenomenon



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – “Work hard, and you will succeed” – it’s a phrase we are all taught from a very young age.

“You have to do your part and just keep working for it until the opportunity comes in, then you snatch it,” a worker said during his lunch break in Uptown said.

For workers in Charlotte, that could be putting in extra hours in the office, shorter lunch breaks, or a weekend spent behind the computer.

“Simply put, if you are just doing the bare minimum, you are going to make the bare minimum,’” a worker in Uptown said on his lunch break.

A new phenomenon is telling some the bare minimum might just be enough.  It is a newly coined phrase: quiet quitting.

‘Great Resignation’ highlights employee well-being

“It’s just such a hot topic right now,” Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry consulting firm Elise Freeman said.

So, what is quiet quitting?  The term does not mean the worker is quitting their jobs.  Instead, they are refusing to go above and beyond — showing up, doing their job, and nothing more.

“So maybe giving it your all while you are in the office, but not signing up for that extra work or working nights and weekends.  It’s more about setting boundaries,” Freeman said.

Workforce consultants say, like the phrase ‘Great Resignation,’ quiet quitting is a workforce trend that picked up speed during the pandemic.

According to a recent survey by, 21 percent of 1,000 U.S. workers said they only do the bare minimum.

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“I think you should pay people what they are worth.  If you want people to go above and beyond, pay them above and beyond,” a woman said while walking in Uptown.

Consultants say employers should not be too concerned with quiet quitting, also long as the job gets done.  Any added expectations could need some incentives.

“Employers really need to understand what the reality is.  Are people disengaged and coasting or are they quiet quitting?  Are there some jobs actually where quiet quitting so to speak, or coming in and doing well? — where that’s enough?” Freeman said.

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