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704 Shop hoping President's Cup exposure lures in more opportunity



CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A local street apparel company is hoping to capitalize on its President’s Cup success.

“There were a lot of people that came into the fan shop looking specifically for 704 Shop that have never heard of 704 Shop before,” said Christopher Moxley, co-owner of 704 Shop.

The numbers are still being tallied, but the President’s Cup is reporting a record-breaking attendance, and the PGA Tour says they broke the all-time sales record on Thursday alone.

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The preliminary estimates mean everything to small local businesses like the 704 Shop, which had the opportunity of a lifetime to not only showcase their street apparel but also their ability to handle big events.

“The President’s Cup folks, the PGA Tour folks came to us with this opportunity,” Moxley said, “which I think says a lot about our brand that our brand is coming up in those types of conversations.”

Inside the fan shop, all weekend spectators dropped hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on golf gear. The 704 Shop provided the PGA Tour with four different t-shirt designs and two hat designs.

In total, it amounted to 1,000 products. They sold out before the weekend even hit. Monday, customers were calling the store to ask if they had any inventory. While the price tag may be raked in more for the PGA Tour, 704 Shop owners are on cloud nine.

“For us, it’s an opportunity to have our brand to be represented in the fan shop,” Moxley said, “but from a financial standpoint, the retail opportunity is not ours; that’s the PGA’s, so we were already compensated for the products that were there ahead of time.”

The agreement gave them well into five-figures, but the exposure was immeasurable for the business that’s been in operation for just 10 years.

“I’m optimistic that some of the sports teams that’re local for us have seen what we’ve done with the PGA and hopefully that’ll pique their interest in terms of partnership,” Moxley said.

The store did have a few President’s Cup shirts at its South End location, but most of the apparel for the event has been sold out.

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