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31-Year-Old HVAC Company In Charlotte North Carolina



MyAir – air conditioning company has been servicing Charlotte North Carolina for now over 31 years. This makes the company one of Charlotte’s oldest and most trusted companies. If you live in Charlotte North Carolina you have more than likely heard of MyAir.

They specialize in both commercial and residential heating ventilation and air conditioning installation and repair. If you ever need an HVAC repairman we highly recommend their company.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Experts

They have installed thousands of air conditioners systems across North Carolina. Servicing not only businesses but homes as well. Part of the Allen Tate group this company has some of the smartest business minds in Charlotte behind it. Not only does the company run well, but it has the most rigorous training program for any HVAC technician joining the company to endure before they start servicing their clients.

HVAC Systems Fixed First Time Every Time

Servicing and fixing all major brands is what we do best. When you call a MyAir service technician you have called Charlotte’s leading HVAC team. With special emergency, only 24/7 service they have the ability to get you out of any problem. On a hot summer’s day, there is nothing worse than getting your HVAC system fixed than having it break down the very next day. MyAir fixes it the first time every time. MyAir technicians are trained and licensed by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. They have gained extra education and training to ensure that they are fully capable of installing your HVAC system. 

The HVAC professionals at MyAir have been installed for over 20 years with great success. Why not contact them for some professional consultation? A licensed professional can offer advice on which HVAC system is right for you. They can also help you find the right system for your needs. This article will provide some information on the professional services offered by HVAC Charlotte.

They Don’t Make Common Mistake

One of the most common mistakes made by HVAC Charlotte residents is failing to clean the air filters. The air filter helps prevent dust, pollen, dirt, and unwanted debris from entering your HVAC system. If the filter becomes clogged with dust or other materials, it can hinder the smooth flow of air into your system. Clogged air filters prevent the air from circulating freely. If left unnoticed, clogged air filters can eventually lead to a fire. HVAC Charlotte professionals can make sure your air filters are clean and free of any materials that can hinder airflow.

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